Hack This Site: Extended Basic – Mission 2

Hack This Site: Extended Basic – Mission 2

Hello friend and welcome to HaXeZ where we will be covering Hack This Site Extended Basic Mission 2. This challenge is fairly simple provided you have an understanding of application structures. It requires us to slightly modify the provided script in order to access the index.php page at the root of the web application. In order to do that we need to perform a directory traversal up two directories to grab the index.html page.

The Function

As you can see from the screenshot below, we have some fairly basic PHP code that is attempting to get the contents of the filename specified by the value ‘filename‘. Furthermore, it specifies the type of extension for the filename which in this case is ‘.php‘. Underneath the code, we have a submission box where we need to submit the solution to the challenge.

Extended Basic Mission 2 - The Function
Extended Basic Mission 2 – The Function

The Solution

Given these points, all we need to do to solve this mission is to tell the script to navigate up two directories. We are currently in the ‘extbasic‘ directory looking at the file named 2 ‘/missions/extbasic/2‘. So by traversing up two directories we should be in the root directory. Once there, we need to specify the ‘index.php‘, however the file extension ‘.php‘ has already been appended for us so we only need to specify the word index. The correct solution should be ‘../../index‘. Paste that into the check form and you should complete the mission and be able to proceed on to the next one.

Extended Basic Mission 2 - The Solution
Extended Basic Mission 2 – The Solution

Extended Basic Mission 2 – Conclusion

This is a simple but fun challenge that tests your knowledge of web application directory structures and code reading ability. While I wouldn’t have a clue how to write this off the top of my head, I easily worked out what the code is attempting to do. Once you understand what the code is doing, and you understand the rules of the mission then it’s fairly simple. This type of attack is known as a directory traversal attack and can be prevented by validating user input and by having strict permissions policies on directories. Anyway, I hope this helped you solve the mission.