Hack This Site: Extended Basic – Mission 4

Hack This Site: Extended Basic – Mission 4

Dear Friend, welcome to HaXeZ where today we will be looking at the Hack This Site Extended Basic mission 4. This mission is another programming mission that requires you to examine the source code of an application to determine its output. Again, please be advised that I’m terrible at programming so my explanation might be terrible.

The Code

The image below shows the introduction message and explains that sometimes we may need to decipher a language. Furthermore, it explains that sometimes the language may not be on google or encrypted in some way.

Below that we can see there appears to be a user input of the numbers 6 and 7.

Hack This Site: Extended Basic – Mission 4
Hack This Site: Extended Basic – Mission 4

We then have a number of lines of code that appear to perform operations on the user-submitted values.

The Solution

As with Extended Basic 3, I’m going to attempt to break this down line by line and explain what is happening.


This appears to be the start of the program. I don’t think there is much more to it than that other than indicating the start of the program.

var int as in

What this appears to be doing is assigning whatever value the user has submitted to the variable var. The ‘in’ is the user input and var is the variable name. In this case, the value will be 6.

int var as in

This is similar to the line above and is assigning whatever the user submits to a variable called ‘int’. Again the ‘in’ part of the statement appears to be the user input prompt. In this case, the value will be 7.

out var int

Finally, the script is printing or echoing both the variables ‘var’ and ‘init’ to the screen meaning it should output 67.

Extended Basic – Mission 4 Conclusion

I can’t think of any other way to solve this or what any of the other parts of the code would be doing, other than what I have explained. I hope this has helped you solve the challenge. Feel free to check out parts 1 to 3 and drop by my youtube channel and subscribe.