Red Team Introduction – Try Hack Me

Red Team Introduction - Try Hack Me

Hello World and welcome to HaXeZ, in this post I’m going to be talking about the new Red Team learning path produced by TryHackMe. TryHackMe is a digital playground that lets you learn and practice your hacking skills. They offer a vast catalog of learning material. I would recommend that any Cybersecurity practitioner sign up and have a go at it.

What is a Red Team

Unlike typical vulnerability scans or penetration test engagements, a Red Team engagement is where the security professional actively engages with the target. Whether it’s via phishing emails or physically visiting their facility and attempting to bypass security. It’s an engagement where the primary focus is exploiting the target. A Red Team engagement would highlight weaknesses that traditional tests wouldn’t. It would identify attack vectors that hackers would use which wouldn’t be considered during a regular assessment. Think sneakers or mission impossible.

Getting Started

As mentioned previously, TryHackMe offers a wide variety of study material and has just released a Red Teaming learning path. They offer other learning paths too like an introduction to Cybersecurity, Offensive Penetration Testing, and Defensive Cybersecurity. I have completed most of the learning paths and can honestly say that the material is top notch. You can sign up for free but the monthly subscription is affordable and the material available once subscribed is invaluable.

So, head to and click the signup link. Once you have subscribed, head over to the Learn section at the top of the page and you will see the number of learning courses that they have to offer. Even if you have just stumbled upon this article and don’t have the skills to start the Red Team learning path right away, there are other learning paths to get you started.

TryHackMe Learning Paths
TryHackMe Learning Paths

Red Team Learning Path

The Red Team rooms offered by Try Hack Me range from the basics such as the Fundamentals all the way through to compromising Active Directory. I’m glad that this learning path came out as I was desperately wanting to try the Active Directory networks but was lacking motivation. However, now that I know that I get a certificate at the end of it I am 100% on board… That’s right, you get a certificate for completing the Red Team learning path. While these certificates may not have the notoriety that the Offensive Security certificates do, they are still worth putting on your resume.

Red Team Rooms
Red Team Rooms

Free Swag

But wait, there’s more. There is currently a competition of sorts running for people taking part in this course. Those who complete rooms will receive tickets. Those with the most tickets are in for a chance to win a number of different prizes including the Red Teamer title, some free lab time, a USB Rubber Ducky, A Wifi Pineapple, and even an OSEP exam voucher. There is literally no downside to signing up and leveling up your hacking skills.

TryHackMe Free Swag


I’m super excited to start this learning path and will be pouring my heart and soul into it now that I’m back from Paris. You can probably expect daily videos and posts from me going through each of the rooms in this learning path. So, if you are interested in hacking or are looking for a way to increase your technical skills and security knowledge then why not sign up and give it ago? I can honestly say that I haven’t regretted a single second spent on TryHackMe. I have enjoyed every moment although some of those moments have tested my knowledge to their limits. However, their material is easy to digest and also a great resource to come back to when you are on a job that uses that particular technology.