Hack The Box Cyber Apocalypse Trapped Source

Hack The Box Trapped Source

Trapped Source is the first Web challenge of the Hack The Box Cyber Apocalypse Capture The Flag competition. Hello world, welcome to Haxez where today I will write about my experience with the Trapped Source challenge. As with all the other challenges, the description for the Trapped Source challenge was as follows.

Intergalactic Ministry of Spies tested Pandora’s movement and intelligence abilities. She found herself locked in a room with no apparent means of escape. Her task was to unlock the door and make her way out. Can you help her in opening the door?

Now the question is, how do I write 300 words about a challenge that requires you to view page source? I have to write 300 words so that Yoast SEO doesn’t complain about not writing 300 words. Therefore, I’m going to write about how I have to write 300 words just to satisfy the SEO gods.

The Trapped Source Application

Once we spawn the docker container, we can head to the IP and port in our browser. I loved the presentation of the application, the pixelated font on the keypad and the colour design was great. Other than that, there wasn’t much to the application. As you can see from the image below, the challenge is to input the correct pin.

Exploring The Application

So how do we solve this challenge? how do we find the correct pin in order to get the flag? Perhaps we could brute force it. However, based on the name of the challenge I’m going to go out on a limb and say we should view the source. I’m sorry if this sounds patronising but I need to pad out this write-up.

The Source Of The Solution

Right-clicking the page to view the page source or inspecting it will show you the code being rendered by your browser. Unfortunately, it seems that our website developer included the secret pin in the javascript. There are lessons to be learned here about secure coding practices and client-side coding but that’s for a later date.

The Source Of The Solution

Trapped Source Flag Captured

After punching in the pin we get our flag. You can type it out but if you expand the source code a bit more, you will see the flag which you can copy and paste. I.m not even sure if you needed to put the pin in to solve it. It doesn’t make sense that you would need to. If its all client side then the flag should be client-side too, I just didn’t bother to check.


Trapped Source Review

The Trapped Source challenge was fun and a well-designed challenge for the first web challenge. I’m glad that it wasn’t just a case of view source and win (although it might have been). It seems the creators of the challenge had fun making it. I had fun solving it and hopefully, you’re having fun reading about it. Anyway, that’s all for this challenge.