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haXez is a blog that focuses on hacking and cyber security. Cyber security is a rapidly growing industry as it is a rapidly growing criminal venture. It is haXez mission to share as much information about cyber security as possible. The goal is to spread awareness of the security risks associated with physical and virtual security and to attempt to make the subject more transparent and easier to digest.


The lead author has over ten years of experience in Information Technology and enjoys spending their free time playing labs on Hack The Box, Vuln Hub, Portswigger, and many more. They believe that the best way to learn and understand a technology is to hack it.

About Hacking

You may think hacking is gaining unauthorized access to a computer system. However, the term means more than that. Hacking is a lifestyle, it is a way of looking at the world differently.

Hacking means taking something and making it do something other than its intended function. In other words, you could modify a parameter used by an SQL query to return back more data than intended.

Alternatively, You could also hack a Raspberry Pi so that it blocks all malicious traffic coming into your network.

In conclusion, The point we’re trying to make is that hacking does not mean malicious. It means something different to everyone and it should be embraced as a survival tactic in the ever-evolving digital world we find ourselves in.


haXez publishes articles containing demonstrations on hacking into computers. The target computers are all part of lab environments provided by various different vendors. These vendors have given their permission for us to hack into these machines as their purpose is for education. You should not hack any devices that you don’t own or have permission to hack.

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