Author: Jonobi Musashi

Tools: Nmap

Dear friend, welcome to HaXeZ where today I’m going to be talking about the network mapping tool Nmap. Nmap is a network scanner and was created by Gordon Lyon. It can be used to discover hosts on a network by sending packets to those hosts and then analyzing the responses. In other words, it can help you map out a target network. As a result, Nmap among other tools like Mass Scan is an essential tool for your ethical hacking tool kit. I use it on almost every engagement….

VulnHub: Mr Robot

Dear Friend, thank you for coming to HaXeZ. I love the show Mr Robot, it’s probably one of my all-time favorite shows (along with the X-Files and House). Not only is it a realistic hacking drama but it’s also a psychological thriller with some crazy moments. So, today we’re going to channel our inner hacktivist and join up with fsociety to bring down the global conglomerate that is Evil Corp. That’s right, we’re going to be hacking our way into the Mr Robot box on VulnHub created by Leon Johnson….

Hack The Box: Machine – Meow

Dear Friend, welcome to HaXeZ where today we’re looking at one of the Hack The Box Machines called Meow. This machine is part of the Tier 0 starting point boxes and is regarded as a very easy box. Additionaly, there are a number of questions that you need to answer in order to complete this machine. First we need to connect to the VPN. In order to do that click on the Starting Point link and download the OpenVPN files….

Tips And Tricks: Virtual Machine Shared Folder

Dear Friend, thank you for visiting HaXeZ. Today I want to talk about creating a shared folder for your Virtual Machine. They are a useful feature that allows you to share files between your base operating system and your Virtual Machine. While Virtual Machines do have a bidirectional clipboard that allows you to copy to and from each machine. A shared folder allows for easy access to resources such as wordlists and other large files. Furthermore, they can be particularly useful if you have limited disk space on your Virtual Machine….

Hack To Learn: Hacking Legally

Dear Friend, as discussed in the HaXeZ part 1 Hack To Learn video, there are many laws associated with computer misuse that will ensure you’re punished were you violate them. This means you’re not allowed to explore the internet hacking everything you see. So how do hackers hack without getting in trouble? Well there are a number of online communities that provide digital playgrounds for hackers to level up their hacking skills. These playgrounds offer a wide variety of hacking challenges including web applications, coding challenges, forensic challenges, steganography challenges and general machine challenges….

Tips and Tricks: Fixing VirtualBox Kali Linux Black Screen

Hello friends and welcome to HaXeZ. So, you have run in to the VirtualBox Kali Linux Black Screen Bug? After all that effort spent downloading it and importing the appliance, you’re excited, you attempt to login in and… nothing. Just a black screen. How disappointing. Do you reinstall it? Give up? Or do you fix it and add that knowledge to your mind palace….

Hack To Learn: Environment Set Up

Hello and welcome to HaXeZ. In order to start hacking you will first need some tools. If you’re running a Windows based Operating System then you can install tools locally. However, a better solution might be to use a Virtual Machine. A virtual machine is an operating system that runs on top of your base…

Update 25/04/2022

Hello and welcome to HaXeZ. First and foremost, sorry I’ve been away so long. I want to give you an update on what’s been going on and where I’ve been. I’ve been desperately wanting to get back to making content but life has been chaotic and has only recently slowed down. For those who don’t know, I work as a penetration tester and work was insanely busy towards the end of the year. I was doing a lot of overtime and a doing lot of traveling to and from client locations….

Hack This Site: Extended Basic – Mission 3

Hello world and welcome back to HaXeZ, thank you for surfing by. This post is a walkthrough of the Hack This Site Extended Basic Mission 3. The purpose of this challenge is to deduce the function of a bespoke programming language’s application. A basic understanding of programming and assigning variables is required for this challenge. However, I’m terrible at programming and was still able to solve the challenge….

PortSwigger: SQL injection attack, querying the database type and version on MySQL and Microsoft

Hello, world wide web and welcome to HaXeZ where today we’re looking at PortSwigger Web Security Academy: SQL injection 6. This lab requires you to return the database type on MySQL with Microsoft. I’m not sure if that means, a MySQL database on Microsoft Windows or whether…