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Hack To Learn: OSINT and Passive Reconnaissance

Dear Friend, welcome to HaXeZ where I want to talk about Open-source intelligence and passive reconnaissance. Passive Reconnaissance is one of the most important phases for successful hacking. In contrast to active reconnaissance, Passive Reconnaissance uses Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques to gather information about the target. In other words, we attempt to gather information about the target without interacting with it. This article is going to cover a number of Passive Reconnaissance tools but there are plenty more out there….

Hack To Learn: Hacking Legally

Dear Friend, as discussed in the HaXeZ part 1 Hack To Learn video, there are many laws associated with computer misuse that will ensure you’re punished were you violate them. This means you’re not allowed to explore the internet hacking everything you see. So how do hackers hack without getting in trouble? Well there are a number of online communities that provide digital playgrounds for hackers to level up their hacking skills. These playgrounds offer a wide variety of hacking challenges including web applications, coding challenges, forensic challenges, steganography challenges and general machine challenges….

Hack To Learn: Environment Set Up

Hello and welcome to HaXeZ. In order to start hacking you will first need some tools. If you’re running a Windows based Operating System then you can install tools locally. However, a better solution might be to use a Virtual Machine. A virtual machine is an operating system that runs on top of your base…