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Book Review: Foundations of Information Security

Hello friends and welcome to HaXeZ, Foundations of Information Security is probably one of the first books I should have reviewed. This is a great book for anybody new to information security. It’s written by Jason Andress and published by no starch press. While there are many books out there that cover the material in this book, they can sometimes be too cold and factual to enjoy. The author of this book brings a great balance of warm humor and information. For example, the author quotes the phrase “With great power comes great responsibility” and even goes as far as referencing it to a particular Spiderman comic book. Furthermore, the author explains how hacking a heart rate monitor could be heart-breaking… …

Book Review: Real-World Bug Hunting

Hello Friends and welcome to HaXeZ. This week I’ve been reading Real-World Bug Hunting – A Field Guide to Web Hacking, written by Peter Yaworski and published by no starch press. I purchased this book from Amazon for around £20.00 which in my opinion is well worth the money….

Book Review: Cyberjutsu – Cybersecurity For The Modern Ninja

Hello friends and welcome to HaXeZ where today I will be giving my opinions on the book Cyberjutsu – Cybersecurity for the modern ninja written by Ben McCarty.  It’s published by no starch press and as soon as I learned of its existence, I had to purchase it. I found it used on eBay for around £10 which isn’t bad considering it’s a recent publication. …