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Domain Name System Simplified

Hello world, and welcome to HaXeZ. Today I want to talk about the Domain Name System (DNS). I know, I know, most of you probably already know how DNS works. However, I’m going to be writing an article soon about Firewall Evasion and Data Exfiltration through DNS Tunnelling and I needed to brush up on my DNS knowledge. Never wanting to waste an opportunity, I thought it would make for a good blog post and video so here we are. …

Metasploit Pivoting To Hack Segregated VirtualBox Virtual Machines

Dear friend, welcome to HaXeZ. If you’re new to hacking and cybersecurity then you may have heard about pivoting. If you haven’t then let me explain. Pivoting is where you have compromised a host and discovered it is attached to another network. You then use that host to pivot your scans and attacks to hosts within that other network. For example, imagine you have just compromised a public-facing Web Application server. You check the network configuration and find that it is connected to an internal network. You can then use the compromised web application server to scan that internal network….

Tips And Tricks: Virtual Machine Shared Folder

Dear Friend, thank you for visiting HaXeZ. Today I want to talk about creating a shared folder for your Virtual Machine. They are a useful feature that allows you to share files between your base operating system and your Virtual Machine. While Virtual Machines do have a bidirectional clipboard that allows you to copy to and from each machine. A shared folder allows for easy access to resources such as wordlists and other large files. Furthermore, they can be particularly useful if you have limited disk space on your Virtual Machine….

Tips and Tricks: Fixing VirtualBox Kali Linux Black Screen

Hello friends and welcome to HaXeZ. So, you have run in to the VirtualBox Kali Linux Black Screen Bug? After all that effort spent downloading it and importing the appliance, you’re excited, you attempt to login in and… nothing. Just a black screen. How disappointing. Do you reinstall it? Give up? Or do you fix it and add that knowledge to your mind palace….