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  • Hack The Box Unique Writeup
    Unique is a retired very easy hardware challenge created by diogt on Hack The Box. At the time of writing this post, the challenge was released 841 days ago. This challenge requires basic knowledge of signal analysis with Logic 2. Hello world, welcome to Haxez where today I will be explaining how I solved Unique on hack The Box. The challenge is introduced with the following explanation.

About Hack The Box

Hello world, welcome to haxez. Hack The Box is a popular online platform that offers cybersecurity enthusiasts the opportunity to test and enhance their skills in a simulated real-world environment. It was launched in 2017 and has since grown into one of the largest and most popular online communities of ethical hackers and cybersecurity experts. The platform offers various challenges and lab scenarios, which users can attempt to hack into and gain access to the target system.

The main aim of Hack The Box is to provide a safe and legal environment where users can practice and learn ethical hacking techniques without harming real-world systems. The challenges and labs are designed to be realistic and simulate real-world scenarios, providing users with hands-on experience in penetration testing, web application security, network security, and more.

Hack The Box Rankings

One of the unique features of Hack The Box is the ranking system. Users can gain points and improve their ranking by successfully completing challenges and lab scenarios. The higher the ranking, the more challenging the scenarios become, and the more recognition the user receives from the community. This feature not only provides users with a sense of accomplishment and recognition but also encourages them to continue learning and improving their skills.


Another feature is the active community of users and experts who are always ready to help and provide guidance. The platform has a chat system that allows users to communicate and collaborate with each other, sharing tips, and techniques on how to solve specific challenges. Additionally, Hack The Box hosts various competitions and events, bringing together the community and providing opportunities for users to showcase their skills.

Hack The Box is not only a platform for individuals to improve their skills, but it is also a valuable resource for organizations to test and improve their cybersecurity defences. The platform offers a comprehensive and customizable testing environment for companies to evaluate their security measures, identify vulnerabilities, and develop strategies to strengthen their cybersecurity defences.


In conclusion, Hack The Box is an excellent platform for individuals and organizations to improve their cybersecurity skills and defences. The challenges and labs provide a realistic and safe environment for users to practice ethical hacking techniques, while the ranking system and active community provide motivation and support for continuous learning and improvement.