• PrintNightmare Privilege Escalation
    Hello world, welcome to Haxez. In this post, I’m going to be demonstrating how to perform the PrintNightmare privilege escalation exploit. I will be using Evil-WinRM and the CVE-2021-1675.ps1 script by Caleb Stewart on GitHub. I’ve just completed the retired easy Hack The Box machine Driver and was blown away by this vulnerability. It’s easy to see why it is such a serious vulnerability.

Hacking Tools

Hello world, welcome to Haxez. Ethical hacking, also known as penetration testing, is a proactive approach to assess the security posture of a system or network. To carry out these tests, ethical hackers use a variety of specialized tools designed to exploit vulnerabilities and provide insights into the system’s weaknesses. In this article, we will delve into some of the most popular ethical hacking tools that professionals use.


One of the most commonly used ethical hacking tools is Metasploit. It is an open-source framework that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for conducting penetration testing. With its vast database of exploits, payloads, and modules, Metasploit can create custom attack vectors that can identify vulnerabilities in a system. Moreover, it offers high configurability and flexibility, making it useful for performing different types of attacks such as remote code execution, privilege escalation, and data exfiltration.

John The Ripper

Another widely used program is John The Ripper, which is a password-cracking tool. It utilizes various techniques such as dictionary attacks and brute force attacks to crack passwords. John The Ripper can crack a wide range of password hashes and can test the strength of passwords.


Nmap is a network scanning tool that is used to discover hosts and services on a network. It is highly configurable and supports different scanning techniques, such as TCP SYN scanning and UDP scanning. Nmap also has a scripting engine that enables the development of custom scripts for specific tasks.


Hydra is another password-cracking application that can perform brute-force attacks on different protocols such as SSH, FTP, and Telnet. It is highly configurable and supports several authentication methods such as username and password combinations and dictionary attacks.

Ethical Hacking Tools

When using ethical hacking tools, it is essential to ensure that they are authorized and used for the intended purposes only. Moreover, it is vital to obtain the necessary consent before carrying out any penetration testing. Unauthorized use of these tools can lead to legal repercussions and can also cause significant damage to the system or network being tested.

Hacking Tools Conclusion

In conclusion, ethical hacking tools are indispensable for identifying vulnerabilities and assessing the security posture of a system or network. Metasploit, John The Ripper, Nmap, and Hydra are among the most popular tools used by professionals. However, it is essential to use these programs responsibly and with proper authorization to avoid any legal or ethical issues.