• Red Team: Initial Access – Weaponization | Try Hack Me
    Hello world and welcome to HaXeZ, in this post I’m going to be going through the Weaponization room on TryHackMe. Until now, the rooms haven’t been that hands-on. However, this room steps it up a bit and has us create payloads for exploiting machines. Consequently, i’m going to try and reduce the reproduction of the content that THM has already created and focus on working through the solutions themselves.

About TryHackMe

Hello world, welcome to Haxez. TryHackMe is an online platform designed to teach and enhance cybersecurity skills. It provides a safe and legal environment for individuals and organizations to learn and practice in various cybersecurity domains. The platform offers interactive and engaging challenges and labs, providing hands-on experience.

TryHackMe Learning Paths

Users can select from several learning paths, which are comprehensive and easy-to-follow guides for specific domains. They include quizzes, video tutorials, and articles. Additionally, TryHackMe has a community of users and experts that actively collaborate to provide tips and techniques.

The platform offers organizations customizable training programs, providing employees with the best cybersecurity practices. Through training, organizations can improve their cybersecurity defences and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

Moreover, TryHackMe hosts competitions and events, bringing together the community and providing opportunities for users to showcase their skills. It also offers a cyber range that simulates real-world scenarios to help users understand how cyber attacks work and how to prevent them.


One of the unique features of TryHackMe is its gamified approach to learning. Users can earn points, badges, and rankings by completing challenges and labs. The rankings are designed to encourage users to learn and improve their skills continuously.

TryHackMe is a valuable resource for individuals seeking to improve their cybersecurity skills or organizations looking to train their employees. The interactive and engaging challenges and labs, comprehensive learning paths, active community, and gamified approach make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their cybersecurity skills.

I like TryHackMe a lot, it has an easier learning curve than Hack The Box. Hack The Box labs don’t give you much to go on. THM will guide you through the process of enumerating the host, getting a foothold and then elevating yourself to root. It’s a lot of fun, especially their annual Advent Of Cyber event.