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  • Hack This Site: Extended Basic – Mission 6
    Hello World and welcome to HaXeZ, today we’re going to be looking at Hack This Site ExtBasic 6. Solving this challenge requires some basic knowledge of PHP or any other language for that matter. It’s a simple challenge that shows how poorly coded web application authentication mechanisms can be bypassed.

About Hack This Site

Hello world, welcome to Haxez. Hack This Site is an online platform designed to teach and enhance ethical hacking skills. It has been around since 2003 and is one of the oldest and most well-known hacking websites. The platform offers a wide range of challenges and labs that are designed to provide hands-on experience in various hacking domains.

Hack This Site Community

One of its unique features is its community-driven approach to learning. Users can collaborate through forums and chat rooms, sharing tips and techniques, and solving challenges together. This active community makes it an excellent resource for anyone seeking to improve their hacking skills.

The challenges and labs on Hack This Site are divided into different levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. This makes it easy for users to find challenges that match their skill level and improve progressively. The challenges are interactive and engaging, providing users with a fun and educational experience.


Hack This Site offers challenges in various hacking domains, such as web application security, cryptography, and network security. Additionally, the challenges are designed to be realistic and simulate real-world scenarios, making it a valuable resource for individuals and organizations seeking to improve their cybersecurity defences.

In addition to challenges and labs, Hack This Site offers various resources, such as articles and tutorials, that provide in-depth knowledge of various hacking domains. Furthermore, these resources are easy to understand and provide step-by-step guides to help users learn and improve their skills.

Open Source

Another unique feature is its open-source approach to learning. To explain, the platform is built on open-source technologies, and users can contribute to the development of the platform by submitting code, reporting bugs, and suggesting improvements. This open-source approach fosters a collaborative and inclusive community, making Hack This Site an excellent resource for individuals and organizations seeking to improve their cybersecurity skills.


In conclusion, it is an excellent platform for individuals and organizations seeking to improve their ethical hacking skills. The community-driven approach, interactive challenges and labs, comprehensive resources, and open-source approach make it a valuable resource for anyone seeking to improve their cybersecurity defences. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced hacker, Hack This Site has something to offer.