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Hack The Box: Machine – Fawn

Dear friend, welcome to haXez, and thank you for stopping by. Today we’re looking at the Hack The Box Machine Fawn. It’s a super easy box that requires you to enumerate the services on the box and then utilize those services to capture the flag. There are also a number of questions that you need to answer to own the machine. …

Hack The Box: Machine – Meow

Dear Friend, welcome to HaXeZ where today we’re looking at one of the Hack The Box Machines called Meow. This machine is part of the Tier 0 starting point boxes and is regarded as a very easy box. Additionaly, there are a number of questions that you need to answer in order to complete this machine. First we need to connect to the VPN. In order to do that click on the Starting Point link and download the OpenVPN files….

Find The Easy Pass has been Pwned!

This post is about the Hack The Box reversing challenge Find The Easy Pass. This post walks you through how to solve it using Ghidra…

Lame has been Pwned!

I’m back once again doing Hack The Box machines. I have recently hacked all the Starting Point machines and am now moving on to the Beginner track. I’ve written a post on my experience with the Starting Point machine which you can read here.  Reconnaissance The name of the machine I’m going to be looking…

Starting Point has been Pwned!

Starting Point on Hack The Box is a collection of “Very Easy” machines designed to give an introduction to the hacking world. This is the red pill that will have you feeling like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole. Unfortunately, there are multiple rabbit holes and not all of them lead to Wonderland. Alice may have met the Cheshire Cat, but you will encounter many different types of Cat that will assist you on your journey. As Morpheus once said:…

Base has been Pwned!

This is a fun machine that requires you to perform directory reconnaissance followed by bypassing a web application authentication mechanism before finally escaping with find….

Guard has been Pwned!

Hacking this machine was incredibly fun and it didn’t take very long. Lets get straight in to it. First thing I always like to check is whether the box responds to ping requests. This helps to determine whether the machine is online or not….

Markup has been Pwned!

And we’re hack to hack the starter track. By that I mean it’s time to hack another machine from the Starting Point of Hack The Box. I have been going through the Starting Point machines one by one….

Included has been Pwned!

Are you ready to hack the Hack The Box Machine included? I hope so because this post will guide you through the various hacks!…

Pathfinder has been Pwned!

More hacks today as we explore the Hack The Box machine Pathfinder. It’s time to hack a domain controller, let’s go!…