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Tools: Metasploit

The Metasploit framework is an essential tool for any aspiring hacker or penetration tester. It comes preinstalled on many penetration testing distributions including Kali Linux. It is a framework that allows the user to select from a plethora of powerful tools. Furthermore, the user can then configure that tool with various options including the target’s IP address and port number. Once the tool has been configured, the user can execute the tool and exploit the target….

Tools: Nmap

Dear friend, welcome to HaXeZ where today I’m going to be talking about the network mapping tool Nmap. Nmap is a network scanner and was created by Gordon Lyon. It can be used to discover hosts on a network by sending packets to those hosts and then analyzing the responses. In other words, it can help you map out a target network. As a result, Nmap among other tools like Mass Scan is an essential tool for your ethical hacking tool kit. I use it on almost every engagement….